About Us

Game Factory Interactive Ltd. was founded in 2003 by a group of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in Video Gaming Industry. Game Factory Interactive Ltd. is an independent game developer and publisher with offices in Seattle (WA, USA), Ottawa (Ontario, CANADA), Moscow (Russian Federation) and Kiev (Ukraine). We publish directly in Russian and Ukrainian markets, via our partner companies in Eastern Europe and sublicense in other territories.

As one of the leading publishers in former Soviet Union, we aim to bring high quality game titles to post-Soviet and East European markets. With our products we aim at all market segments including but not limited to:

  • Games: shooters, action games, strategy games, role-playing games…
  • Educational products
  • Products for kids

In our work we use mass market model and always keep an average consumer in mind. Our main points are:

  1. High quality products in various genres.
  2. Mass advertising including TV campaigns.
  3. Mass distribution (we have access to over 20.000 point of sales)
  4. Fair prices

Among our development projects there are real-time strategies, turn-based strategies, shooters, flight simulators, kids titles & etc. We often collaborate with producers and writers based outside the former Soviet Union to bring different perspective to our products.

Since 2012 we also started developing and publishing games and apps for mobile operating systems such as Andoid OS and iOS. Since then this direction has been our main focus. We have also developed partership with tablet and smartphone manufacturers.